FOLLOWING your enquiry I will visit you if you are located within the Bristol area to take a brief and an assessment for the design of your website according to agreed expectations and requirements.

A FIRST requirement for a website is to have
a unique address in order to be located on the internet.

The address is an  available name which is bought and registered to you and you alone. This is known as the 'domain' name. The domain then requires to be 'hosted' on the internet by renting computer space from a website provider.

AFTER a website is up and running it will usually require regular weekly or monthly maintenance in the form of updating of information: prices, dates, etc. A site may have impressive graphics but it may be let down by obsolete information or lack of detail so it is worth keeping your site up to date.

WHY not let me provide a free estimate of costs for providing you with a website and maintaining the contents.

David Packe
Experienced in
graphic design
and web design.


tel: 07 931 954 963